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Enoksen-X: Our Man in Bali

E02/A in Bali - Austin Rhoads

Friend of Enoksen, Austin, is our man in Bali. Between living the dream and catching waves, Austin has sent us his thoughts and experiences of life in the surf.

Navigating the Ocean With the E02/A

Model: Dive E02/A   

Month Purchased: August 2020                   

Reason Purchased: Daily Dive Watch

One of the most awe-inspiring characteristics of the ocean is its sheer power.

At a moment’s notice, the ocean can transform from mellow waves lapping at the shore to mighty walls of water that crash down with pulverising force.

For many of us, the ocean presents the greatest challenge of all… It’s constantly changing. It’s both the ultimate adversary and the ultimate friend. Just man moving with the water — no phones, no computers, no sense of time.

For people who spend nearly every day in the ocean, a rugged dive watch isn’t a mere fashion statement. It’s a necessity. A watch in the water is like a guiding star, the only point of reference amidst a sea of literal uncertainty.

For divers, a watch can be a life or death way to track elapsed time. For fishermen, it provides a means of monitoring the changing environment. For surfers, a watch is critical for measuring tides and sun exposure.

As an avid adventurer living in Indonesia, the ocean is my home.

For years, I’ve been looking for a dive watch that is practical, accurate, comfortable, and above all, dependable. I’ve owned ten dollar watches and multi-thousand dollar watches but have never found one I felt comfortable wearing day in and day out.

Then, I discovered the Enoksen Dive E02/A.

The E02/A is the best watch I’ve ever owned. It accompanies me to the beach every day, never skips a beat during brutal gym workouts, holds its own along bumpy Indonesian motorbike trips, and is the perfect complement for cocktails during a night out. It’s simple but capable of functioning at the level I require.

Most importantly, my E02/A spends hours in the water, where like me, it’s at home.


E02/A in Bali - Austin Rhoads

The perforated rubber strap is comfortable for hours of movement in the ocean, the dial is highly legible in the waves and visible at depth, and the performance is exactly what you’d expect from a world-class dive watch.

For me, a watch means stability and predictability in the ever-transforming ocean. As the tides, winds, currents, and waves change, the point of reference that a tool watch like the Enoksen E02/A provides will forever help us navigate the challenge of the ocean.

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