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Our Story

Enoksen Watches is a company founded by Hans Enoksen and a small group of friends — designers, technologists and watch enthusiasts alike — galvanised by a powerful thought:

Imagine a wristwatch of exceptional quality but at a fractional price of the big brands?

Listen, we know watches are much more than bracelets that tell time. Hundreds of years of Swiss watchcraft and marques are woven into twentieth-century culture have earned the big brands a right to their luxury position. But we believe that watches are about performance, not status. Watches are tools adorned by sportsmen and adventurers that push and test themselves beyond societal norms – as well as those of us to aspire to do the same.

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The trouble is, the watch industry is kind of broken. We live in an age where business models and technology dictate new ways of working – faster distribution, more choice and purpose-led organisations that offer transparency to customers.

As much as we love our own collection of luxury watches, we’re sick of the insane mark-ups that exist in the watch industry – not least, crappy manufacturing, disguised by packaging and the ubiquitous logo.

Our Thought Inspired Us To Start Enoksen

Our mission? To create watches that stand for exceptional quality and great design without the unnecessary ‘brand tax’. Unlike big brands that over-cook and over-price their watches, we celebrate beauty in utility, so you won’t see a badge on an Enoksen dial. Why comprise performance with a logo that carries a significant cost and an empty promise?

The Enoksen watch is our tribute to twentieth-century watch-craft. A tool watch designed for adventure, hand-crafted in Germany, using movements sourced from Japan and Switzerland. We’ve considered every detail to deliver a watch for exceptional performance.

We believe that buying a watch should be transparent and fun. You should be excited to wear your new watch and satisfied that your bank balance is intact.

Life can be complicated, but time is forever. At Enoksen we will always make great watches you can own for a fair price. Simple as that.

We hope you love yours.