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Our Story

Enoksen Watch Company, founded in 2017, was born from a desire to create watches of an exceptional quality and great design, fitting the purpose of every occasion.

As we have matured into our third year, we believe now more than ever that watches are about performance, not status. Our watches are tools adorned by sportsmen and adventurers who push and test themselves beyond societal norms – as well as those of us who aspire to do the same.

We celebrate the beauty of utility and modesty, so you won’t see a noisy badge on an Enoksen watch dial. Why comprise performance, mystery or discretion with a loud logo that carries a significant cost and an empty promise?

The Enoksen watch family is a tribute to twentieth-century watch-craft. A selection of tool watches designed for adventure, assembled in Germany, using movements sourced from Seiko in Japan. 



We believe that everyone should own five watches. This belief is what drives the growth and expansion of our product range with 2020 set to be a landmark year for our range.

So why have more than one? Gone are the days where you could only afford one good watch. Owning a truly well-crafted watch, manufactured with the best parts and assembled in Europe has never been easier or more obtainable.

Furthermore, watch collecting is a hobby for many. It is enjoyable to buy a watch and learn every little detail about it. With this in mind, we hope that you find exactly what you are looking for in a watch here at Enoksen.

Buying a watch should be a transparent and enjoyable experience. You should be excited to wear your new watch and satisfied that your bank balance is intact with a peerless customer service experience.

Welcome to Enoksen!