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About Enoksen

Our story

Enoksen Watch Company is based on the fusion of three key ingredients: Watches of an unbelievable quality, amazing partnerships, and world class customer service.

We make watches that are easy to buy and easy to own. We also think that an extraordinary customer service experience shouldn't be reserved for just the privileged few, so we add that with every single watch or strap we sell.

These beliefs are what motivate the development and growth of our considered range of watches with solid manufacturing practises and discrete, desirable design influences. With this in mind, we believe an Enoksen watch fits the purpose of whatever occasions life may throw at you.

Entering watch ownership can seem as intimidating and ambiguous as it is thrilling and effortless. For many, watch collecting and watch buying is a hobby. For many others, watches are a gift to be shared between family and friends or to be kept and preserved generationally. These mantras are not mutually exclusive and should not be treated as such. Everyone deserves to feel the enjoyment watch ownership can bring.

Wherever you find yourself on the watch ownership journey, from starting out today to already owning an established collection, we hope that you find exactly what you are looking for in a watch here at Enoksen.

Enoksen Dive E02/H



Hans Enoksen, founder of Enoksen Watch Company, coined the five-a-life principle; that everyone only needs to own a maximum of five watches to have an encompassing and satisfying collection.

The Enoksen watch family aims to have a representative option for each of the five main categories of watch; a diver, an adventure watch, a chronograph, an aviator’s watch and a dress watch.

This begins the conversation on what the purpose of a watch is. In its most basic guise, a watch tells the time, preferably with a high degree of accuracy. It tracks time for you, whether diving, driving, flying or whatever life activities you pursue. With this in mind, your right to mystery and discretion should be preserved. That's why, with subtle branding and an unconventional dial design, an Enoksen watch whispers, it does not shout.

With each passing quarter, we are adding more watches and more categories to our lineup.

Welcome to Enoksen, The Time of Your Life.