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Introducing Enoksen-X

Welcome to Enoksen-X. 

Every month we receive amazing, unprompted customer reviews. They come to us via Trustpilot, our website, email, by phone and occasionally in person.

This is our core mission, always. We aim to give our customers the "wow" experience every time, whether it's your first Enoksen or your fiftieth. 

These stories are what we like to nickname the Enoksen X. We are looking to hear our customer stories which share that 'X'- Factor which makes this experience stand out. It's what makes us tick, quite literally!

 Deep Dive E01/B Customer

Because we try to raise the bar for customer experience, we decided to try something new. Of course, we are doing this for our own marketing activities. We won't hide that fact. Every business does this. But we're trying to be more than a business. We want to be a community people are proud to associate with. 

We talk about Watches for Life. We believe that watches, as a timepiece, are one of our long-term companions in life. Because of that, we want a relationship with our customers for as long as they own an Enoksen watch.

Andreas - Customer Shot   

This is our way of doing that. By sharing stories about the importance of time, of adventure, of achievement, of life. About our customers' time, adventure, achievements and life.

As life's adventurers, we are all making the most of our time. At Enoksen we want to celebrate that! This request is to any customer who has a story to tell about their own Enoksen-X. Please share your story!  We would love to pass on the great news and inspire other people. We will tell the stories in a particular format and we will present yours like this: Our Man In Bali. 

Because we like to give back, we are offering a gift to the top three stories selected each month. Every story will of course be gratefully received, and I look forward to being humbled once again.

Thank you sincerely for being a customer of Enoksen.

Hans Enoksen







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