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Welcome to Enoksen Watch Company - the Official Timekeeper of Nordea Open 2023. 



Enoksen ambassador Mikael Pernfors has had an interesting run at the slams over the years, both as a full-on tennis professional, and as a legend taking part in the invitational side of the slams. We sat down for a talk about the years from 1984-1994 where Mikael played in a total of 21 grand slam events. 

Mikael’s participation in grand slam events is steeped in great stories and anecdotes. In the story linked below, Mikael brings a unique perspective being one of the very few players in the world to experience centre court play at all four of the slams. We think you will love this article, check it out below. 




At Enoksen, we celebrate triumph against great odds. A familiar name for you and a friend of Enoksen did just that, Marcus Willis. We are proud to partner with his home club and we have written an exclusive Enoksen Story on his successes that summer of 2016. Check out our piece on him linked below...