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The New Deep Dive

The Deep Dive is a watch which is very close to our hearts - not only was it our very first watch, it was also the watch that helped us demonstrate that Enoksen deserved its place in the world of watch manufacturing.

One version soon became two, and then four. In 2021 we introduced a Deep Dive in solid bronze to complete the line-up. But we felt that the Deep Dive could go further. We have duly noted the input from our Deep Dive customers from all over the planet, and every time we heard a suggestion to what the next generation might look and feel like, we added it to our growing pile of thoughts and ideas.

In its previous form the Deep Dive was already packed with features so we decided to go through each one of them and see what could be added or improved.

The watch case
The superior water resistance level of the first generation of Deep Dive comes at a cost, which is the thickness of the case. To the fan base this is attractive, but to others this is a bit of problem, because there is no denying that a Deep Dive is a big unit. So we began work on making the case a little bit slimmer without having to sacrifice the 100 ATM rating. The result is that 2mm has come off and although that sounds insignificant, you can feel it instantly when you wear the new watch. It hugs the wrist in a different way and is slightly more comfortable than the predecessor. So in summary: the new Deep Dive range is slimmer and yet maintains it 1,000 meter water resistance level.

New movement
We felt that a natural progression would be to offer the Deep Dive with a Swiss made automatic movement instead of the trusty NH35 from Seiko. Our chosen movement, the STP1-11 from Swiss Technology Production is slimmer than the NH35 which is good news when it come to the total thickness of the case. 

The dial
As the Deep Dive was always meant to be a modern interpretation of a classic diver’s watch we wanted to create a more original look. That meant have everything on the dial painted rather than mounted. On the E01 range the hour markers were fitted in a separate process. On the E11 range everything is painted in one process, creating a more authentic look. Furthermore we wanted to have a discrete signature on the dial - something that was first introduced on the E01/SF. The ‘<‘ logo now features on all Deep Dive E11 dials, but you have to look for it to see it.

 As part of the redesign of the case we managed to bring the dial slightly closer to the crystal. It sits more prominently now, rather than in the sunk position on the E01, and it make the dial pop a bit more.

Legibility and lumen
Customers have always lauded the exceptional legibility and the powerful lumen of the Deep Dive. It literally lights up the darkness and we wanted to carry this feature across to the new generation. Depending on model, we use SuperLuminova C3 or BGW9.

Drilled lugs
Customers told us that they wanted to have easy access to changing straps. By creating so-called drilled lugs on the E11 cases, this couldn’t be easier. Drilled lugs also give the watch a more classic look.

Retained features
There was not that much wrong with the original Deep Dive E01 models so we have carried forward the ceramic bezel, the two-layer anti reflective sapphire crystal and the Helium Escape Valve.

Hand assembled at the Enoksen HQ in Belfast
Over the last two years we have gradually taken more and more of the watch production, assembly and testing to Belfast. This allows us to make a watch which we can be truly proud of and which we can get behind. You can even see your watch being assembled in the workshop - either in person or via a weblink.

New straps
For diving purists the classic NATO strap and a robust rubber strap is the choice, but we have also added a new deerskin leather strap, handmade in Denmark. Designed by Hans Enoksen, this strap is standard with the Deep Dive E11/G Bronze and the E11/A Special Edition, but also available to buy separately. 

The line-up
There will be five different versions of the Deep Dive E11. Four of them are available now:

E11/A - stainless steel, classic black dial
E11/A Special Edition - stainless steel, classic dial with bronze hands and markers
E11/G - CUSN8 Bronze case with bronze hands and markers
E11/SF - stainless steel with premium PVD coating and the Special Forces 24-hour dial

Later this year the Deep Dive E11/B will follow as a replacement of the current Deep Dive E01/B Black Edition.


  • Hi. Just purchased a used deep dive E01/E green bezel here in Swansea. S/N 100.
    Not heard of the brand previously. Am really impressed with the watch. Keen to find out more about it and just how many of these were made. Is mine the 100th deep dive watch or the 100th green bezel version. Thanks

    Phil Williams
  • Great updates!

    Jon Franklin

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