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The Enoksen Fly E03/E – a watch for all occasions

We often ask ourselves what type of watch really works for all occasions.  And we often determine that a watch that is classic yet robust is what we need.  Not many watches fall into this category, but we are confident that the Enoksen Fly E03/E is one of them.

The classic lines of the Aviator watch style make for a distinctive and interesting dress watch.  The classic dial provides excellent legibility while harking back to a yesteryear where simple dials built for exceptional legibility were important.  For a dress watch that fits in yet stands out on more formal occasions, we think the Aviator style is a great choice.


men's dress watches


With an elegant 39mm width and a handsome 12mm depth, the Enoksen Fly E03/E sits modestly, yet importantly, on the wrist.  It is easy to fit under a shirt cuff, light enough for all-day wear, and easily legible even when the lights are dimmed given its excellent lumen.  Whether going to the office, attending a formal event, or just wearing it on a normal day out, this watch is an easy all-rounder. 

Supplied with two straps – a classic two-piece leather riveted strap and an adaptable, durable rubber strap – the watch can change character to suit the occasion.  Add an optional NATO strap or steel bracelet and the character changes again.  From a rugged adventurer watch to a classic dress watch and everything in between. 


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That is why we made this traditional Pilot’s watch to be water resistant to 200m, or 20ATM (atmospheres).  Why settle for less functionality simply because this was not part of the traditional feature set?  With that in mind, a date window also become a must have part of the watch.  Adventurers, travellers, and all-round well-organised people want to routinely know both date and time, so this Enoksen timepiece delivers as required.

And as an Enoksen watch, which like all our watches is aimed at being the best value watch money can buy, we focused on the most necessary must have features.  316L stainless steel and sapphire crystal had to be on the list.  Both materials ensure the watch remains pristine or only slightly marked even after use under the most demanding conditions. 

Finally, there is the all-important watch movement itself, its beating heart.  At Enoksen we love our mechanical watches, and simply for convenience we prefer automatics over hand-wound.  Our adventuring customers need not be distracted by their watch losing time while they are out and about.  The Fly E03/E comes with an extremely reliable and well-made Seiko NH35A movement, so there is no need to be concerned about its performance over time. 


men's dress watches


But this is where the story shifts gear, and we enter a realm that similarly priced and styled watches simply do not enter.  Let me say that we take time seriously at Enoksen.  It is a precious finite resource that we want to make the most of.  Our customers are people with full lives, who make the most of their time, and we deeply admire and respect them for it.  This principle is also why we involve ourselves in exciting sporting events where the concept of timekeeping is of high importance.  The time in our lives is what we stand for. 

We were therefore inspired to think about the level of timekeeping that we offer in an Enoksen automatic watch (you will recall that an automatic movement is a complex mechanism of springs and cogs that constantly works away quietly on our wrist).  We evaluated our automatic movements and inspected them closely.  We listened to our most avid customers and people with deep horology roots.  We established that we did not need to accept standard factory tolerances for time loss of +/- 20-40 seconds per day.  In fact, we decided that it would only be right for us to optimize every single automatic watch that leaves our facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Not only because our customers deserve it and because we think it's right that watches are highly accurate, but also because Belfast's rich engineering and manufacturing tradition inspires us on (see below for more on that).

We want our part in this rich tradition to be earned by producing the most accurate automatic watches that it is possible to produce, at least relative to our target price point.  Therefore, we measure and inspect every single automatic movement, tune it, listen to it, measure it, observe it, tune again if necessary, and only when its tolerance has been adjusted to +/- 3 seconds per day do we declare it ready for shipment.  We call this our Enoksen Calibrated© treatment, and we are immensely proud to offer a product with this capability. 

So if you’re looking for your next dress watch, your next adventure watch, or your next everyday watch, why not try the Enoksen Fly E03/E?  We promise you’ll be impressed.


men's dress watches under £500


A Belfast Story

Belfast has an incredible manufacturing history.  First and foremost, Belfast is most well-known in maritime history as the place that Titanic was built.  There is an incredible museum at 1 Olympic Way in Belfast that tells the story of the build, the shipbuilders, the passengers and the fateful journey of this incredible vessel. 

But Belfast also has a special place in aviation history.  In 1936 the British Air Ministry established a new aircraft factory in Belfast which was 50% owned by the Shorts brothers (these three brothers had established the world’s first volume producing aircraft company in London in 1909 which became known simply as Shorts; they made their name building the aircraft designed by the Wright Brothers that had become famous in Europe in 1908).  Belfast therefore became a critical engineering and manufacturing centre that played a pivotal role during World War II.  In 1943 the company was nationalised by the British government as part of the war-time effort, and in 1948 the entire company’s operations were concentrated in Belfast.  Today, Shorts has been divided and acquired by Canada’s Bombardier who in turn sold to the USA’s Spirit AeroSystems and by France’s Thales Air Defence Ltd, but operations in Belfast still continue.

At Enoksen we feel at home amongst the water, the land, and the skies, and we are proud to be part of Belfast’s ongoing tradition of producing impressive machines.


If you are interested to know more about where Aviator watches originated and how they have evolved, please read our fascinating 2-piece history of Aviator watches, written by our Founder, Hans Enoksen. 

The Aviator’s Watch, A History, Part 1

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