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The Enoksen Dive – a versatile dress watch

Dive watch – a phrase that conjures up images of the seaside, summer holidays and sail boats.  It represents a watch style that has existed for over 70 years and been made famous by various brands during that time.

Born alongside scuba diving technologies and used today by modern divers as a back-up in case of high-tech diving computer failures, the dive watch is a critical piece of lifesaving equipment.  Measuring our time under water, the watch has three core features to keep a diver safe.  The first feature is water-resistance, enabled by robust cases and crown designs that ensure the watch will survive the tough underwater conditions.  The second feature is timekeeping, including the functionality of the rotating bezel and high degrees of accuracy to not mislead the diver.  The third feature is an uncluttered dial design with a bright lumen to provide clear legibility in the dark conditions. 

The Enoksen Dive accentuates these tool-watch features.  300 metres of water resistance is standard with a solid 316L steel case and hardened sapphire crystal glass.  A rotating ceramic bezel with a protected crown case provides the timekeeping function, while the use of Quartz movements and our Calibrated® precision tuning for our Mechanical movements provides best-in-class accuracy.  The dial is completely minimalist to give centre-stage to seeing the time easily, while the lumen brightness is maximised.

Enoksen watches are built to withstand the tests of time.  The Enoksen Dive is an original dive watch, accentuating those features that have helped us go safely beneath the waves for decades.  We removed the clutter and the noisiness found on many of today’s dive watches.  We have stripped it back to remind ourselves of the purity of its original purpose. 

Thanks to its enduring design and exciting allure, the dive watch has become the go-to active lifestyle watch worn by men and women for everyday life.  It is considered by many to be the new dress watch.  At Enoksen we love the clean-cut look of the black dial, black bezel, and oyster steel bracelet combination.  It simply suits any occasion. 

We also love the fashion statement that bezel colours offer, making a dive watch work for specific occasions – match your favourite team colours, colour-coordinate with a particular outfit, or just wear the colour combination to suit your mood. 

Dive E02/D Mechanical Movement

Enoksen Dive – pure, versatile, imaginative.  For the adventurer in all of us. 


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