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The Enoksen Deep Dive


Since man began underwater exploration, the watch has been one of his most valued companions. In this environment, knowing the correct time is often a matter of life or death, and the need for a robust and accurate timepiece cannot be underestimated. This need gave birth to the ultimate tool watch: a watch that must remain equally accurate on land and beneath the waves, able to cope with the crushing pressure of deep water.

Our philosophy is to blend great design with functionality, craftsmanship and affordability, comprising a range of highly credible watches with a purpose and at a reasonable price. It is therefore no coincidence that our first timepiece was a diver's watch. Introduced in March 2018 the Enoksen Deep Dive soon found friends all over the planet, and the model remains our best seller.

This is how we got there.

The journey

The Enoksen Deep Dive is a tribute to underwater exploration and to the great pioneers who opened our eyes to the world beneath the sea.

When developing the Enoksen Deep Dive we knew from the outset that this would be a watch which had to be truly remarkable.

Most serious diver’s watches are water resistant to 30 ATM (300 metres), but we wanted to do better than that. We raised the bar and decided we would aim for 100 ATM (1,000 metres) instead, even if it meant that the watch would be big and mighty. We wanted to create a watch that would promise adventure and the deep blue ocean.

The principal challenge in building a watch that remains intact, even at 100 ATM is that of making it absolutely resistant to the extreme pressure found at those depths. To create a watertight seal around the crown, it must be screwed shut on a long thread, increasing the size of this component. If located at 3 o’clock (the conventional position), this larger crown may touch the back of your hand. So we have moved the crown position down to 4 o’clock where it is better shielded and easier to operate.

With the case and the crown in place, we decided on a very clean and legible dial in black with Luminova indicators and a sapphire crystal. Not that you need to know the date when exploring the sea, but we felt that this would nonetheless be relevant everywhere else, so we fitted a date window – also at 4 o’clock. The face is finished with a uni-directional bezel made of ceramic, rather than steel, to ensure that all elements of the watch stand the test of time and tide.

All the greatest diver’s watches have automatic movements and Deep Dive is no exception. After testing a variety of movements we approved a modified and optimised version of the STP1-11 from Swiss Technology Products. The STP1-11 is exceptionally accurate and highly serviceable, guaranteeing that the Enoksen Deep Dive continues to be your valued companion for many years to come. Furthermore it has the patented Incabloc system which means that it can sustain even very rough use.

Watch specifications:

  • Stainless Steel 316L or CUSN8 Bronze case
  • 2 x straps
  • Width 44.0mm x Height 50.0mm
  • Crown 4.0mm x 6.5mm
  • Thickness 16mm
  • Movement STP1-11 Automatic
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Ceramic bezel, uni-directional
  • Band Width 24mm
  • Waterproof to 100 ATM / 1000m / 3340ft  
  • Helium Escape Valve

Since the introduction of the very first Deep Dive E01/A, the range has grown. Today there are five different models to choose from: The classic E11/A in stainless steel, the all-black E11/B, the E11/G Bronze edition, and the E11/SF which is a watch made for Swedish Special Forces. The E11/SF is available in both a black and a stainless steel case. The E11/A is also available in a Special Edition with bronze markers and hands.


  • I have collected and worn a significant number of dive watches over the years.

    An Omega Planet Ocean, Rolex Submariner, Seiko Willard and Seiko SKX007J1 are currently in my collection. The problem with the majority of these is that you don’t want to wear them as they should be worn. There is always a concern you scratch or ding your expensive and hard to replace “precious”.
    I recently bought the SF version of the Deep Dive and have now finally found a tool watch that offers both the functionality and reliability that I require coupled with a unique, understated visual impact.
    I have previously purchased two other Enoksen watches, both of which have been of excellent quality, but the Deep Dive is for me the best of the batch. A watch I can rely on!

  • What happened to the deep dive baltic blue E01/D ? Also are straps held by spring pins or screwed? Does the oyster bracelet also fit the deep dive?

    anthony evans

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