Introducing Krono E08 range - the sporty chronograph – Enoksen Watch Company Limited

Introducing Krono E08 range - the sporty chronograph


We are pleased to introduce our latest watch - The Krono E08. As the name suggests, the Krono is a chronograph watch designed for an active lifestyle.

Based on a new 39mm case and screw-in crown and pushers, the Krono is water resistant to 100m, making it suitable for all water related activities. The case is satin brushed in line with the rest of the Enoksen range.

The launch coincides with the arrival of our new FKM rubber straps and we have picked a classic Tropic design for the Krono. The Tropic strap comes with quick-release making it easy and simple to change straps without the use of tools.

The first production run is made in 4 different colours:

  • KRONO E08/A Light Grey/Green Panda
  • KRONO E08/B Black/White Panda

  • KRONO E08/C Green

  • KRONO E08/D Salmon

Movement wise we continue the successful collaboration with Seiko and The Krono E08 is powered by the VK63 Premium chronograph movement - a variation of the VK64 used in the popular Drive E04 range. The VK63 combines the robustness and accuracy of quartz with the romance and sense of occasion you get from a mechanical watch. The stopwatch complication delivers a desirable 4 steps a second ticking you find in a classic handheld stopwatch, as well as the even cooler fly-back reset function.

The three mini-dials provide a running second hand, a 24-hour hand, and a 60-minute stopwatch counter respectively.

The first production run is currently underway and the interest in this new release is already overwhelming. We expect to ship the first order mid January, hopefully a bit sooner.

The Krono E08 range is priced at £350 but is available at a special order now price of £285. Price includes DHL Express shipping.