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The perfect watch

A question we hear time and time again is: ‘What is the perfect watch?’ It’s a subjective enquiry, there are many answers to that and everyone has their own opinion. But after noodling on this for sometime myself, I now have my own hypothesis.

The perfect watch is one that talks to you.

Not by way of artificial intelligence like Siri or Alexa, but by connecting with something deeper, something inside. It’s a little bit like true love…you know you’ve found your match when you cannot stop staring at it. When you put on your perfect timepiece, every morning is joyful. The perfect watch completes your outfit and makes you look and feel great, regardless of whatever else you are wearing.

Like your significant other, your perfect watch needs to have lasting qualities, perhaps in the way its been made, but even more so in its timeless appearance and longevity.

If you translate these requirements into something tangible – no matter how hard it is, you end up with a list of outer and inner quality requirements. Life is a long string of moments and the quality of a life is determined almost entirely by the frequency at which these moments seem joyous and rewarding.

So your perfect watch should match the kind of life you live, or perhaps the life you aspire to live. Not everyone is a diver, but anyone who can swim can also dive, so in a way we are all divers if we choose to be. Perhaps this is what makes divers watches so popular and attractive. That said, 99% of dive watches are never tested to the limit of their abilities and yet they retain their popular allure.

We buy them because we like the sound of a watch being water resistant to 1,000 meters – not because we will ever go there ourselves. We like to tell our friends how that opening on the left side of the watch is a helium escape valve, which prevents the watch from exploding while re-emerging from the depths.

At Enoksen, we make perfect watches as defined above. Watches that you can afford, and yet comprise all the qualities that make people pay 30-40 times more for a timepiece. Watches that look great in the surf, with a suit, with jeans, with shorts or with nothing at all. Watches that will take a beating and show accurate time for years. Watches that don’t make you a target when you travel to far away places. Watches that connect you with nothing else than your sanity.



My personal favourite from our range is the Dive E02/A with its grey, no-nonsense colours, its sapphire crystal and its trusty mechanical movement. There is simply no situation I find myself in where this watch isn’t the perfect complement to what I need.

But that’s just me – take a look for yourself and find your own favourite from our range.

Hans Enoksen

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