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The Deep Dive E01/G - a fan's favourite

The Enoksen Deep Dive was launched in 2018 with a special and unique initiative with a leading figure in the world of diving.  It became an instant classic and attracted a league of fans.  The serious dive features of the watch, with its rugged and simplistic handsomeness and its “do anything” attitude, have attracted people from all around the world.  Fans of the watch send in photos from all their adventures around the planet, wearing their Deep Dives.  Whether at sea, on land or in the skies, the Deep Dive is a fan’s favourite.

Deep Dive E01/A

Today there are three core models in steel, PVD black and bronze to suit different style choices.  Each model shares the same basic feature set of 1000m water resistance, helium escape value, automatic movement, 4 o’clock crown, sapphire crystal glass, 316L steel, ceramic bezel and high lumen levels.  Every Deep Dive also receives our specialist Calibrated® service that provides best possible accuracy levels in a mechanical watch.  Please read on to learn more.

Deep Dive E01/B

The Deep Dive is a signature watch for many reasons.  The 4 o’clock position makes this robust watch more comfortable on the wrist and protects the crown from accidental damage.  The no-brand “sterile” look creates maximum legibility which, for a true tool watch, is a non-negotiable feature. 

Deep Dive E01/C

Customers who wear it (and I personally wear it every day) feel it becomes their “trusty steed”.  That phrase typically refers to a sure-footed horse that would partner a cowboy or traveller on their journey.  Today, motorcyclists can feel the same as they undertake long journeys on 2 wheels.  The Deep Dive feels the same – it’s there, it’s solid, it works, and it is our companion.  It is a big watch, no doubt, which means it’s not for everyone.  But for those of us who enjoy a weightier, more substantial watch that you know is there and really stands out on the wrist, the Deep Dive’s presence is what we admire and grow to love.  We find ourselves feeling that it is indeed our trusty steed.

Enoksen has taken this trustworthiness to a new level with its Calibrated® treatment.  As a rule, automatic watches at the c. £500 price point are solid but operate with normal factory tolerances when it comes to timing accuracy.  That means that the renowned Seiko NH35A movement that we use can lose 20-40 seconds per day.  It’s normal, but we didn’t think it was good enough.  Our Calibrated® treatment tunes the movement’s performance to a stunning, world-class-by-any-standard +/- 3 seconds per day.  For automatic watches, which let’s face it are amazingly complicated time-telling machines that fit easily on our wrist, this is outstanding.  At Enoksen, we take enormous pride in doing this, so that all our watches are trusty timekeepers for their owners.  And the Deep Dive receives this treatment on every single watch we ship.  We don’t like to boast but we think this is pretty awesome.

The Deep Dive is a wow watch.  It has some of the world’s most impressive specs of any watch you can wear, making the Deep Dive E01/G one of the best men's bronze watches at this price.  I wear it because of this.  Why not wear a time-telling machine that is truly impressive?  And you do not even need to spend thousands of £ / € / $ for materials like gold and platinum materials that scratch and wear just as easily as other metals.  We focused our energy on the core of timekeeping accuracy, professional grade tool performance, and solid good looks. 

This particular blog is to draw attention to the Deep Dive E01/G men's bronze watch, which carries with it a unique feature even within the Deep Dive family.  The patina effect. 

Men's bronze watches change in hue and tone during their lives – this is the patina.  And each bronze item changes uniquely when compared to another.  This means that your bronze watch will mature differently to mine.  So aside from the serial number on the back, this makes my bronze watch’s character unique.  It ages with me and changes with the experiences I put it through. 

Deep Dive E01/G

So not only is my trusty timekeeper doing everything it should to be trustworthy, it is also developing its own personality. 

This might sound crazy to some, but to people who love the machines and animals they share their lives with, you know what I mean.  Anyone who has a dog or a cat with a clear personality, or a motorcycle or car they use heavily, the feeling is clear: this is one of my friends in life.  My watch is the same, and my Bronze Deep Dive is particularly special.

So yes, my favourite watch is my Deep Dive.  It has that extra je ne sais quoi about it.  We do in fact know exactly what the Deep Dive is, but it still somehow manages to supersede normal expectations of what a watch is. 

Big, bold, trustworthy, rugged, sophisticated – there are so many things we love about the Deep Dive and the E01/G is one of the best men's bronze watches on the market.  It’s a classic for the ages.

Deep Dive E01/G

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  • My loving wife gifted me the bronze s/n 047 for Christmas. I am a machinist , since 1980, and machining engineer, since 1984 for a major process instrument company , and your timepiece is a masterpiece of beauty and function . Thank you so much !

    Paul Breda

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