Enoksen Ambassador, Jesper Carlsen

Enoksen Ambassador, Jesper Carlsen

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Porsche On Track Instructor, Racing driver at the highest level, Formula 1 Relations Manager and Top Gear host…this is starting to sound like a collection of our dream jobs. Indeed, any one of these four careers would rank near the summit of what most men aged 5 to 75 wish to do. What is exceptionally rare however is that each of these roles have been given to just one man… 

Introducing you to Enoksen ambassador Jesper Carlsen. 

Jesper, a native Dane, must be the luckiest man on the planet. Certainly to earn such prestigious job titles, you would expect him to have some exceptional driving credentials. Having raced since childhood, Jesper has climbed through the stages of motorsport from amateur go-karting to professional racing. At just 10 years of age, he entered the Danish go-karting scene and raced until 1998 when he made the leap to Formula Ford Racing. The professional racing world finally opened up and for over 20 years he has been involved in Formula Racing and Touring Car Championships across the globe, ultimately racing in British Formula 3.

Being an accomplished racing driver with an international career, he understands better than most what it is that truly matters in racing. His holistic approach to motorsport has made him a trusted advisor, both in the world of television as a pundit and in the world of motorsport. Today, Jesper manages the interests of one individual who has an even better job than himself: Formula One driver Kevin Magnussen.

Drive E04/A

 Lately, Jesper was signed as one of the three Top Gear presenters for an all-new Danish syndication of this formidable show. His deep love for cars, his driving skills and not least his incredible presence and likability makes him a natural choice for the upcoming series.

Jesper has been a fan of Enoksen Watches since we began this journey. We are extremely proud to have him as an ambassador, not just for the brand, but in particular for the new Enoksen Drive range which was co-developed with input from him. 


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